Psynix Networks is a quality Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Telecommunications Operator with a high bandwidth international network and a commitment to providing the best business internet solutions available in the industry.
Quality services don’t have to break the bank. Inweb Networks offers unbeatable value for money across our range of products and services.

We provide our customers with fast and user-friendly services, with a level of technical support that has won us the benefit of having no unhappy customers.

Sounds too good to be true? Why not ask them!


Server co-location in Telehouse

Customers co-locating servers at our facility should enclose their equipment in a 4U rack-mount case. If you have trouble sourcing the equipment, we have arrangements with computer manufacturers who can build to your specification at a very competitive price. As a last resort, we might be able to take desktop units such as Sun SparcStations, or other equipment which is less than 19″ wide and less than 170mm height, as long as it breathes from the rear.


RIPE and peering information

General information for those wishing to peer with Inweb. At LINX, Psynix has an essentially open peering policy. As long as we cannot see you behind other Linx members, we’re generally happy to peer.

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